The Joys and Sorrows of Being a Teenager

Teenagers. – The youth of today.  The youth of the Nation.  The face of tomorrow.  Stereotyped by the media as young rebels, rebelling against constraints, rebelling against authority, rebelling against the powers that be.  Simply put, rebels without a clue.  Stepping into adolescence.  Headed into the great wide open, where even sky isn’t the limit.


Now how much of this do you really think is true?  How many little Johnny’s do you know stepped into their teens, only to become Johnny Bravo.  As for the part of heading into the great wide open where even the sky can’t hold them down, do you think he’ll even be able to take off, given the huge burden of books a teenager is buried under, let alone be able to fly so high.  Can a caged bird with clipped wings fly?


I’m not saying that the life of a teenager is a hellhole.  Only thing is, it’s about time the media stopped stereotyping each and every thirteen to nineteen year old.


True, life as a teen brings with it its share deal of liberty, freedom and fun, and boy, do today’s teens know how to have fun!  In fact, I think that today’s teens are the luckiest in terms of the amount of freedom and independence they enjoy.  But yes, greater freedom brings with it greater responsibilities, which today’s youth have learnt to balance.


Today probably the highest and most rapidly growing category of mobile phone users is that of teenagers.  I wouldn’t be wrong in my claim without a statistical backup that the maximum users of computers and the most active surfers on the net are teenagers.  The marketing gurus of M.N.C.s realize this fact and what to pamper us.  The spending power of today’s youth would have been something unimaginable a decade ago.


But this power comes at a price of being able to excel.  If today’s teens are the most pampered, they are also the ones under the most pressure in the entire teen history.  One has got to be good at everything to be somebody.  A teen is merely a percent.  90%, 92%, 95%.  He’s known by his marks to the outside world and this constant demand to excel has started taking its toll on them.


All in all, teens are once in a lifetime experience, and life, well life is a lesson, you’ll learn it when you’re through.


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